There is so much I would like to say, but I’m late.  You might say “I thought Children was so important to you…. “.  I am late for my appointment with a little girl who won’t understand.

It’s my own fault that I’m late, although I hesitate to say it, this space is for Our Children and NO ONE ELSE!!!!  I had to do this today, because I am supposed to, I KNOW because I FELT that I should.

Here I sit with tears rolling down my cheeks, with the vision of a scared, crying Child, cloaked in semi-darkness, the Child’s Plea echoing in my ears, Hello????….  a light, distant foot-fall can be heard between the muffled, scared, sobs.

Suddenly the sobs stop, then the trigger is pulled, with the force of at least 1 million volts it hits me in the base of my spine and races…

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