Not Your Average Traffic Stop

Let the Heavens Open

The largest amounts of production and exportation of cocaine in the world come from Peru.

Farmer observing drying coca leaves. Un campesino observing drying coca leaves.

According to an article written in The Atlantic last year, between drug trafficking, human trafficking, illegal gold-mining and the timber trade, organized crime is estimated to rake in between $5-7 billion dollars per year.

“Most law enforcement specialists believe that locals run the production and local transportation of cocaine, while Colombian and Mexican intermediaries manage exports, with the recent appearance of the Russian mob to shake things up a bit. The business is supposedly straight-forward. Hundreds of campesinos (farmers) grow the crop, mainly in central and northern Peru. The cocaleros sell the coca leaf or coca base to clanes (small criminal groups often based around families), who ship either coca base or processed cocaine, to a handful of firmas (Peruvian organized crime syndicates), which shift the drugs to departure points…

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