Child abusers are cowards ! Simple really if you abuse a child either sexually, physically or mentally then you are a coward !
Seriously the amount of excuses I’ve heard for child abuse would make you laugh and then weep for humanity. We don’t need to list them but the point is no excuse is justified.

Fighters are everything that child abusers are not, they are not fearless but rather they walk out to a cage or ring full of fear and still go into battle despite the fear, that is true courage. The have the ability to inspire kids to show them what it means to live well and achieve their goals through sacrifice and hard work. Child abusers posses none of these characteristics they go for the quick fix and pad their pathetic egos by permanently destroying the lives of children.
Why would anyone abuse a child ? what could possibly make them think it’s alright ? How could anyone think such a cowardly act such an un-natural act (to protect the smaller members of our species is a natural human animal instinct) is ok ? They must know that what they are doing is the most wrong thing that could possibly be done and yet they choose to do it anyway.

Child abusers and their surporters is nothing more but abusers, but then again Deb Sowa will know all about that, and accuasing an innocent man of abuse, but she is in the process of learning what that means, no wonder she is ok With NISSEN abusing Jeremy and Maryna’s sons. but then again when the truth comes out you will see who wants to crawl back to the guy she just made out to be dirt, when boy oh boy dirt is sticking to her.

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