2019 to 2020

Madison Elizabeth Baylis


A friend of mine posted this today… And it struck me!

2019 was a rough year… it was a year of intense growth and intense loss. I made great strides in my mental health. My physical health still got along way to go. Finding my intrinsic value in this society.

I traveled down many lonely roads to find confidence, selflove and my voice. I also traveled many popular roads with friends in the pursuit of their greater selves.

The lessons, both good and bad, that I learned this year will carry me forward into bigger and better things in 2020.

We have the choice to make next year better, worse or the same.

We can continue our same patterns and remain stuck in the same rut.

We can choose to make things worse and create an even bigger hole to crawl out of.

Or we can rise like the phoenix…

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