Powersmissy really think the world rotates around her

Madison Elizabeth Baylis

I have a great laugh early this morning. Melissa’s little friend that keeps messaging this page, enjoy sending us crap that #powersmissy post.

I think Melissa missed the pot, oh we know she did, she blocked Jeremy since 2009 on her FB. He is blind and spent most of his time in ICU. He can’t see her FB page, even if he wanted you. All photos on this page was supplied by his family, and some really weird friends from Melissa.
The little hoe that could not cross her legs while married to hubby 1, nor while married to hubby 2 or hubby 3, and attented an adult sleepover in one of the last video calls with Madison and boy oh boy the recording of that call is so funny as the then 5/6 year old Madison went into great detail explaining adult sleepovers.

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