At the End of Silly Saturday

The Slog

metoday3Farmers marching sheep into London, freedom for flies, Owen Jones’s crusade against Orban’s wisdom, and Justin Trudeau’s battle against sanity. It’s a cavalcade of heroes tonight……enough, in fact, to make a chap want to hope that Sweden the Mad beat Germany the Merkel. So I’ll be watching the game tonight.


In this, the fight by all good and true LibLefts against the unfair realities of nature and bourgeois democracy, it behoves all those of us blessed with certainty to keep the flame alive. Even if it does burn the house down in the end. I never liked that house anyway, crammed full of scumfascistbigotracists. Burn baby, burn!

Equally, we the guardians of the Planet know only too well that – unless the North Sea is crammed with with giant propellers as the antidote to CO2 and Harriet Harman’s hot flushes – the Polar ice caps will melt by next…

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