The past 18 days of abuse

Madison Elizabeth Baylis

The past 10 years i learned to live without my daughter, unless her mother wanted something like in 2007 when she went of to Marry husband number 3 I was good enough to have my daughter, after her new marriage i had to go to court to see my daughter.

She made it a point to have family events, outings etc on my days to have her. refuse to answer the phone as she was out with friends and family.

But always it seems to be my fault.

Until the day i moved on with the love of my life that i nearly screw up due to my affair with Melissa.

Then it became ME THAT WALKED OUT ON MY DAUGHTER, ME THAT TURNED MY BACK, even with court evidence that Melissa violated court orders and withheld my daughter from me.

Anything to make Melissa feel ok by breaking my…

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