Alison Maloney abuse 2 2011

Madison Elizabeth Baylis

Alison Maloney <>
Nov 10, 2011 at 2:14 PM

Are you serious , madison looks and acts just like you!
There is no possible way that she is someone elses kid !
and thats bullshit also because I know you didnt sign the papers off , my mom has been beggin your sorry ass for years !
and you best watch what you say about my mother because she is definately not “sick” , your a lier from the pits of hell.
You just need to accept the fact that when you start to have problems you run away from them.Thats what you did with madison.
By the way you also broke my moms curio cabinet glass .. You still owe her for that ..

But madison is your flesh and blood, everyone sees that ..
You know I hate your guts to thee full extent …

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