Alison Maloney…..2011

Madison Elizabeth Baylis

Alison Maloney <>
Nov 9, 2011 at 2:38 PM
Ok you obviously remember me right !! Yah thats right it  is me Jeremy… Ok first things first, what the hell gives you the right to talk to my mom the way you do… You have know right, know right at alll.. The only thing u have a right to be talking about is madison.No not even that, since your the one who fucking left her behind.. Wait do you remember who that is.. You prob have no idea, she is your daughter, and she is 7 now. Wait you would know that if you were still in this country and not married to a fugitive who loves to brain wash you ! My lil sister should of been your first priority nobody else but her.You need to get your ass in gear and start becoming the father that she needs.

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