Alison Maloney

On the 31st July 2017, Just before Jeremy Baylis´s major eye operation the following profile started her 6 monthly attack on Jeremy. Facebook say sharing a profile is against there terms and conditions but this lady is doing it to 4 people. Everyone was aware that stress before the operation, could cause complications….. so there was an alternative for her actions.

Funny thing is the person that Irma harding and a group of people is helping is not related to Jeremy or Maryna, nor do they have anything to do with it nor do they have any photos of this child and his mother Nor does Irma state Riaan is her child.

ALison Maloney is the ex step daughter from Jeremy Baylis, every 6 months since 2009, that he married the mother of his sons, she has been verbally attacking him online. With the courts permission, he will now be posting everything that this slanderous little tramp has been saying.
Jeremy does have photos on his facebook that is his daughter Madison´s photos, which he has a legal right to have on facebook accordingly to the courts in DEcatur, Illinois

Please report her and her post of the 31st July 2017 to facebook. She is a danger to her own child.







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