The Girl Before by @originallyrena (Book Review)


tgbThe Girl Beforeby Rena Olsen

How is it possible to read a novel like this and not be overwhelmed with emotion, grief and rage? In fact, to be honest, if I had known the subject of the book before I began reading, I’d have probably never picked it up. The subject is disguised, almost as a safety-net, to let you off the hook if it gets to be too much. Because, you know at the very beginning something extremely wrong has occurred.

“I am brushing Daisy’s hair at the kitchen table when the front door crashes open. The sound of gunfire and men shouting and children screaming comes in a tidal wave through the open door. Dropping the brush, I grab Daisy’s hand and pull her into the nearest closet, fumbling for the lever that will open the false back. We huddle in the small space together, and Daisy…

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