Seattle Community Finds Hope For Justice

Whos Truly Raising Who

The girls are 12, 13, 14 years old.

They are often runaways from abusive homes. Some are immigrants deceptively lured by “jobs in America.” All are trapped, kept by threats and violence.


To help them will take moral courage, asserts Alex Sum, founding director of Hope for Justice in Seattle. Moral cour-age from politicians, from citizens and from civic leaders.

And Sum adds, “Sex buyers need the moral courage to say NO” to situations that make them participants in both slavery and rape.

Seattle is setting an example of local action against sexual slavery, which Hope for Justice calls “the crisis of a lifetime.” In 2009 the city’s abolition community gathered itself under that name of “Seattle Against Slavery,” in an all-volunteer effort to address the global problem as it was manifesting locally.

According to Mr. Sum, it became clear that part of the prob-lem was a dearth of services for…

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