Hey, Everybody! Let’s Give Up Sex For Lent!!!

New Walden

No, really, I’m serious.  Whenever I read the lives of the saints, I am always so blown away by their heroic virtue.  (I’m convinced there’s just no other word for it—HEROIC VIRTUE.)  In one of the children’s books on St. Dominic that I read to my kids, it tells how young Dominic, at the tender age of 8, started sleeping on the floor for a penance.  He didn’t this for Lent; he did it all the time.  Young Dominic understood his faith a lot better than most Christians do today.  And I would say that he showed more wisdom than many of today’s priests and bishops.

The word non-negotiable gets thrown around  a lot these days, but only in a political context. But let me tell you something else that is non-negotiable—asceticism.  You can find an ascetical passage in just about every epistle.  And while…

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