New year letter to our sons

My Dearest Babies,


Well, I guess I should start that over. You are definitely not babies anymore. You are ages nearly 17 and twenty, and that’s part of the reason I am writing this letter. You are getting older, old enough to watch and listen and learn in this New Year. Old enough to grow in character and love on others. I’m so very proud of how I’ve already seen you doing that, my loves. So very proud.


So Happy New Year, kiddos! I think this will be a wonderful year for both of you. And this year there are just a few things I want you to try to do that will make it even better. So here they are, from your old mama who watches you, who takes joy in your every smile and feels your disappointments just as deeply as you do.


Watch your Daddy. Do you know what a wonderful Dad you have? You guys pretty much hit the jackpot. This year I want you to take the time to watch him. Watch how he works so very hard to provide for you. Listen to how he never complains. Watch how the moment he walks in the door he is all about spending time with you. Watch and learn, my darlings. This is love and servanthood. Watch and learn to love others like your Dad loves you.

Watch your friends. You two have blessed your mom’s heart this past year by making some really awesome friends. This year I want you to watch your friends. Try to see when they are down. Think about when and how you can serve them. When one of your friends seems down or tired, be quick to offer them a hug or an encouraging word.

The Bible says in Proverbs 17:17 that a friend loves at all times. There will be times when even your best buddies are acting unlovable. Love them anyway. And when they need encouragement, use your words to build them and make them stronger.

Proverbs also says that we can sharpen each other—make each other better—with our words and actions just like your Daddy sharpens his tools at work. I pray God will use you as a sharpening tool to your friends this year.


Watch your teachers. God has given you wonderful teachers this year, and as your mother, I am so thankful for them. Did you know they have lives outside of school? It’s true! They spend all day teaching and encouraging you, and when they are not at school they are at home encouraging their families and friends. They pay bills and clean their houses and cook meals for their families, serve at their churches and in the community, and spend time with Jesus. So this year, I want you to watch how they live their lives and appreciate all that they do. Learn from them, and pray for them. The most important thing you can do for them is pray for them every night. Being a teacher is hard, and they need God’s help to be their best.

Talk to me. Life is good, but it isn’t always easy, my loves. I want to hear all about it. The good and the bad. Learn something new that you not sure about? Lay it on me, we can talk about it. Have a tough time with an assignment? I’m here to help. Struggling with a friendship? I’ve been there—maybe I can offer some suggestions. I promise you kiddos, there is NOTHING you can’t tell me. Even if you think you can’t, you can. Even if you think it might hurt me, I wanna know. All your secrets are in their very safest place when they are shared with me. Your daddy and I are the best friends you will ever have, and that’s a promise. So if there’s something on your heart and mind this year, I wanna know. And if you can’t tell me, tell your Dad. And he can tell me. 🙂

I know I already said it, but I’ll say it again. I am SO proud of you two, and I’m so thankful to be your Mama. Happy New Year! I can’t wait to spend it together.




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