how to teach respect

Madison Elizabeth Baylis

Children aren’t born with a natural understanding of respectful behavior. Instead, they need to be taught about respect. In today’s world that is often filled with music lyrics, TV shows, and movies that use curse words, violence, and disrespect, it’s more important than ever for parents to be proactive about teaching kids how to behave respectfully.

  1. Create Rules About Respect
    Your household rules should include rules about respectful behavior.
    In addition to discussing the importance of using kind words, discuss what it means to respect other people’s personal space and property. Create rules that encourage respectful behavior such as, “Knock on closed doors,” or “Ask before borrowing something.”
  2. Expect Respectful Behavior
    When it comes to your child’s behavior, you often get what you expect. Expect your child to behave in a respectful manner each day. Be prepared to address any behavior that is disrespectful. Although every child may behave disrespectfully…

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