Parenting an angry child

Madison Elizabeth Baylis

Parenting an angry child is tough. But it’s important to remember that anger is a healthy emotion we all experience. As your child’s parent, you have the opportunity to help your child cope with anger and express those feelings in ways that are productive and healthy. Here are 5 tips for parenting an angry child:

Angry teen - Photo © Maskot/Getty Images
1.  Listen
Give your child ample opportunity to be heard. Even if you disagree with what’s causing your child’s anger or with his or her opinions, take the time to hear them out. Being angry and feeling unheard can cause your child to act out in ways designed to get your attention and force you to listen; and unfortunately, those measures can also be dangerous. So be extra intentional about being attentive to your child and listening more than you speak.

2.  Know When to Speak Up

When you’re dealing with an angry child, you…

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