Missing Father syndrome

Madison Elizabeth Baylis

Most “absent-fathers” are not absent by intentional choice, but rather other life choices and priorities have combined — resulting in a lot of time away from home and/or little involvement in their kids’ lives, or mothers withholding their children. If you’re an “absent-father” you’re not alone. You can begin today to make choices which will bump your relationships with your wife and kids up a notch.

Here are ten commandments to help you get started most of these is only possible if the mother is not withholding the child. If the mother is alienating the father then there is other options for the father

  • Thou shalt talk with your kids everyday. Even a brief phone call to ask your kids how their day went — when you are on the road, for example, communicates your care and concern for your kids.
  • Thou shalt listen to your kids everyday. Often times…

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