I hate you

Madison Elizabeth Baylis

“I hate you.” It’s a phrase most parents hear at least once, and one that probably passes through our kids’ minds more often than we’d like to admit. So even if you haven’t had to deal with this issue just yet, chances are you will.

What to Do Immediately

You may be tempted to respond with, “But I love you” or “Sometimes I hate you, too!” But even when spoken in a lighthearted tone, sarcastic words have the effect of shaming — which won’t help you have a productive conversation about why she’s angry.

Instead, use all the willpower you posses to stay calm and say something like, “I’m sorry that you feel that way.” Then let the conversation go. You’ll have much more success talking about what happened after you’ve both had a chance to calm down, so save your questions and teaching about the issue for later in…

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