Absent parent

Madison Elizabeth Baylis

Will be dealing with absent parent,  mine is not a choice but forced onto me by Melissa…..

Growing up with an absent parent can instill a deep sense of loss and shame in kids, especially when the absence appears to be voluntary. For some kids, abandonment extends beyond a parent’s failure to support the child financially, and includes the failure to communicate with the child or play an active role in the child’s life. Sadly, parental abandonment, and its effects, often leave children with lingering questions about their own self worth. Fortunately, as the remaining parent, there’s a lot you can do to support your child and build his or her self-esteem.

Help Your Child Cope With Abandonment

As a parent who’s involved, you have a huge opportunity to influence your child’s self-esteem and cope with the other parent’s absence by being alert to the following effects of child abandonment:

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