NHS WHISTLEBLOWER ARRESTS + GOSPORT: “the use of drug cocktails to shorten lives of patients” – DR RITA PAL 12/10/15 –


Health Select Committee: Set up an Inquiry into…

by Dr Rita Pal · 2,603 supporters

Petition Update 1

NHS Whistleblower Arrests


Dr Rita Pal

xxxxxxxxxxxx, United Kingdom

11 Oct 2015 — Sources inform me that a number of NHS whistleblowers have been arrested on spurious allegations. I think the rough total we know about is about 10.

I would be grateful if those arrested and reported to the police by NHS authorities would outline their cases briefly and send them to me. I am interested in how the NHS and related authorities do use the police as reprisal to deviate from safety issues in general.

I am aware of police reports and criminal trials of doctors reported following their…

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