The Ongoing Struggle with Child Rights


The great historian Howard Zinn has left a legacy in the words “You can’t be neutral on a moving train”; the title and quote from Zinn’s book as published in 1994. Despite being used metaphorically, the quote’s underlying significance is not as obscure as it may appear, embellishing the concept that individuals cannot decide for themselves while something is already being decided for them. On a moving train, no human being is capable of defying the train’s destination, as it arrives at a fixed endpoint. Thus, in this case, the train is the decision-maker while the individual is given no choice.

In the same way, child poverty among other globally pertinent issues such as child labor, trafficking, and lack of education, is not a choice. It is an undesirable outcome that has been decided for, or rather, against, these children. When these boys and girls are approached with such appalling…

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