Our MIssion part 3

Armor Of God Foundation

Our work includes:


Armor of God rescues children and adults from red light districts, brothels and sexually abusive situations. Armor of God also rescues children and adults from now trafficking hot spots across the world.

Armor of God Rescue is committed to rescuing children from the sex trade and giving them the opportunity to fulfil their destinies. Our Rescue Agents risk their lives searching for under aged children in brothels, red light districts and sexually abusive situations.

Our Rescue Agents are committed to helping children escape, but many children feel trapped even if they are not physically locked up.

Traffickers plant fear into the hearts and minds of the children. They are too terrified to escape, even if the opportunity presented itself.

Poverty and lack of education entice parents to sell their children. Many children feel immense pressure from their families to continue earning…

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