A Multi-country Analysis of Human Trafficking in Latin America

Human Rights in Latin America

Megan Cliff

Kimberly Guzman

Erin Waugh

Executive Summary

As is any other industry, human trafficking is essentially based off of supply and demand.  In particular, however, the industry feeds off of the vulnerability of others.  Human trafficking is fueled by a number of factors — two of which are the lack of availability of jobs and resources within local communities and the consumption of the products of human trafficking.  These elements tend to place people further into vulnerable positions, leaving them with less civil liberties and personal, economic, familial, or any other choices.  The victims of human trafficking are, by our definition, those forced under the hands of others or into situations in which they have little control.  Therefore, their sense of citizenship is diminished as, if they are trafficked without consideration of their belonging to a state or between borders, there is little means with which a state is…

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