Children’s Corner – A Child’s Pilgrim Path – 1


A Child’s Pilgrim Path

by Gary Bertnick

This was  requested by a youth pastor at a local church for use with the kids. It is more allegorical with colorful illustrations. Each short chapter is a challenging path.


Uphill Climb, Beginning to Trust

The angel gave them encouragement as he led them to the start of a path. Nathaniel was surprised to see it, but his mind was more on his sister and the smaller one whose name was Meg. How could he travel with two girls, one four and one seven years old.
He felt troubled. He was worried about all the problems that could be ahead. Climbing would be difficult alone. But with two girls–his heart began to feel heavy.

“Listen, Natty, do you hear it?” whispered Amy. “It’s so beautiful.”

Nathaniel was shook from his thoughts. He had forgotten to listen for the wind…

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