Mexico City: Masters of MacGyver


(TRUTH: I have never actually the show MacGuyver. In fact, I had to google his name to make sure I was spelling it right. There is something intriguing to me about someone who can whip things out of their behind and save the world. Somedays, I feel like MacGyver (although without the annoying accent). Circumstances in the following blog may or may not be something that the actual MacGyver would do. (He totally would)).

Yes, I’m going to talk about everything I saw on my recent trip to Mexico City to visit The Well of Life, an organization that deals with human trafficking at all levels (intervention, advocacy, rescuing, and rehabilitation), but we need to start at the beginning.

This is the first time that I ever have traveled and not checked a suitcase. We were going to be gone for five days, which might as well have been a month…

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