Insurgency and Human-Trafficking – A botheration for India and Myanmar

Youth Forum on Foreign Policy

As the society is marching towards modernization, more felonious acts are taking its pace. Smuggling, human trafficking, extortion, domestic violence, child abuse, sexual violence, ethnic cleansing etc are some transgression that are present in developed to underdeveloped nations. Insurgency and human trafficking are such two acts that both India and Myanmar needs to put joint effort to curb it in the region. Today, the insurgency in North Eastern India is one of the important drivers for India to engage Myanmar and it is also a threat to India’s internal security.

India has a long border with Myanmar which runs for nearly 1643 kilometers alongside the states of Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh. The insurgency problem in this region is not new and has been in existence since the early years of Indian independence. Currently there are at least eight insurgent or militants groups/outfit in the area which have been operating from the Indian and Myanmar territory. It is…

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