Mr. Nissen your lies just don’t keep adding up!!!

Mr. Nissen yours and Oliver’s lies just keep unraveling. As today you pet met pig officer farooqi called a south African police station claiming mrs duplessis baylis is dead and that her family was trying to file a case against you .. The problem is there are already cases against you all over the world for sex trafficking of women and children so no matter what you Oliver’s and officer farooqi does your not going to win as Vincent cable and Geoff hoon is already on the way of making all of you there scapegoats for supplying them with children as we know you also already published your videos on your sex sites of what you and all of them like to do with children.. Officer farooqi is about the biggest asshole right now covering for you and Mr. baylis has just landed in the UK to arrest officer farooqi. The met might not want to cooperate with Interpol as w know the met is a bunch of useless bastards when it comes to arresting pedophiles and they’ll cover up for the likes of their main asshole David “d notice” cameron who hasn’t left the UK since his international arrest warrant has been signed off on by the Hague for helping you abduct Kevin and jenvey baylis from Mexico. But see there is other ways to arrest people wanted other then using the useless metropolitan police and your all on your way to a long life of fondling each other in a prison cell. Believe me Mr. cameron your going to wish you didn’t support Mr. Dennis Gordon nissen.. But hey your as worthless as the wart on your ass. Just remember Mr. baylis will have Kevin and Jenvey Baylis home. And then your going to wish you could bury your head in the sand like an ostriches. as for you mr.nissen, Oliver’s, and child protection officer Farooqi your days are coming to a close very very soon.. So please you allreally need to get your stories straight Mr. nissen as yet another lie coming to bite you in your fat ass



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