a question for the pathelogical liar mr. dennis gordon nissen

we all have been told by mr.dennis gordon nissen and his family mr.charl olivers and all there supporters that in 1995 he married maryna in south africa. Today i had an interesting phone call with the south african embassy in the united kingdom witha mr taylor that appearantly mr. dennis gordon nissen appearantly adopted maryna du plessis baylis when she was 16 and that her father appearntly died a horrific death. appearantly now she was born now in 1978 or 1979 so lets see whats again mr.nissen´s, olivers and there story is changing i wish they could get on the right page as i don´t think any of these ass clown of supporters knows who is wiping who´s ass any more and what story to tell..

Maryna with her family, before she took the children to Mexico

Updated over a year ago

These are just a few photos of Maryna with her husband and children before she took the children to Mexico without their father’s knowledge. Maryna and Jeremy claims these photos are fake. Decide for yourself (or give them to an expert to have a look).
Here are some photos of Maryna and Dennis on their wedding day. I seem to remember reading on Maryna and Jeremy’s blog that there were no photos of Maryna and Dennis on their wedding day so we are now correcting that oversight!
so here are a few of the so called posts for you where nissen and the ass clown charl olivers is trying to claim maryna and dennis were married which was never the truth. marynas only marriage on file is to jeremy lynn baylis an american by birth and the father of kevin and jenvey baylis..
so please can all you ass clowns like mr. dennis gordon nissen and mr. charl olivers, mr.stephen harding, deb sowa melissa sue gauf , andy i´m wanted by the phillipines police laws, chrissy brown , babette lyons or nissen as by the state of new york has on record for you as marrying mr.dennis gordon nissen try and give the world a straight answer besides the bull shit you are trying to feed everyone on you page the truth about jeremy and maryna baylis  as you had 2 years to change everything that you posted on that page and as only mr.harding is probably the only one walking free at this moment and he is as full of shit as mr. nissen and olivers and the rest of the ass clown crew.. so please answer here directly as we would love to hear the truth then see a bunch of more lies in your page and group…
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