kakoi's Fingerprints

She is one of the many young African women who have a story printed underneath their beautiful faces,

You see,her life experience has taught her much about God, Trust,Friends and most of all the little things people don’t seem to notice, but at the end of the day from a distance with her make up well plastered in her broken face to you

She is just a girl behind the counter.

First impression of her one could judge by her appearance that she is nothing more than a whore,

a slut, “Porko wa hii Mtaa” a lost sheep in the wilderness.

its true she’s lost, not only lost but confused, alone with a lot of questions about her life.

yet you say, “Hawa madame hufanya vitu Bila maswali.” it hurts when one critiques a book without

understanding its content.

but all in all to you she is nothing more than

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  1. SpikeBwoy says:

    Thank you so much I’m greatfull for the reblogg.

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