The Baylis Story

A Brief introduction to the Baylis family’s story

The following information pertains to one particular family who has been subjected to human trafficking. Currently in the world, a rough estimate of people being trafficked soars at a whopping 12.3 million and being the fastest and second largest illegal market trailing only to drug trafficking. This means that 1.8 of every 1000 people falls victim to this horrific crime and increasingly to 3 to every 1000 people in Asia and the Pacific. Human Trafficking generates an estimated $35-$36 billion dollars annually and comes in all shapes and sizes.

Human Trafficking in essence is nothing more than a modern term for slavery, where people are forced either into labor, or sexual exploitation against their will. Statistically speaking women are most vulnerable to being traffic making up 56% of all adults and children being trafficked worldwide. Almost 70% of these cases are directly relating to sexual trafficking, in which the victim is abducted and forced into sexual activities.

Even though most of the victims originate from impoverished Third-World Countries, the destinations of the trafficked victims are generally intended for the First-World. Even though the means of human trafficking have become incredibly sophisticated the truth remains; slavery is as real as it was hundreds of years ago, the industry has only gone covert.

In order for a victim to be trafficked into a country many things need to occur. The first incident is the actual abduction which requires man power and resources. From that moment the person may be shipped to their destination where “fake passports and birth certificates” can be obtained from corrupt government officials. Finally the victim may be sold or traded to a buyer of where they will be drugged, abused, exploited and ultimately murdered in cold blood. This is the sad and tragic tales of millions of people from all over the world.

The United Kingdom is one of the major destinations for all human trafficked victims coming from across the globe. Most of the victims being brought into the United Kingdom are women and children used for all sorts of illicit purposes.

To fully understand the issue it is necessary to listen to the “voices of the invisible”, the people who are made silent in captivity. We will be guiding the reader through the story of the Baylis family, who has been subjected to the horrors of human trafficking in 1997. The ultimate goal of the Baylis family is not only to create awareness on the issue, but most importantly to obtain freedom from their oppressors. To this day the people who were responsible for abruptly and violently kidnapping and trafficking the mother and the children, are still in search of the family who has been granted humanitarian asylum in Mexico.

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