Making the grade


HelpfulLaundry My very first laundry buddy, Camden. He’s almost 8 now.

Hey, mamas. Have you ever had someone walk into your house and ask the big question:

“What have you been doing all day?”


Whenever this happens, I find myself scrambling for some sort of neat checklist to deliver so that I can get an A+ in motherhood.

Not only that, but often during my run-of-the-mill motherhood day, I mentally create said lists so that if asked, I can prove to anyone, anytime  that I am, indeed, useful and productive during the day.

At the same time I have often wondered: Can’t you see it when you walk in my door? Can’t you look around and see the evidence of “what I have been doing all day”? This morning it hit me.

More often than not, there is no evidence. You cannot walk into our homes and see it, touch it, or smell it. Great motherhood happens all around…

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