To the Unloved Child

Mom Life Now


I was in an awful dream involving some pungent oder I could not leave. I woke to discover my daughter laying next to me, bits of the brown stuff laying beside her. I quickly stumbled out of bed to grab wipes and discovered a trail of it, beginning at my sheets and traveling down the hall to the bathroom floor.  At 1AM it was almost more than I could handle.

Finally finishing the clean up, I crawled into bed beside my girl and asked what happened. Her sweet reply:

“I’m so sorry mom! I couldn’t find the stool (she cannot reach the toilet without it). I’m so sorry mom!”

My heart immediately went out to my sweet little two year old who had tried so hard to make it in time. She was so sorry, so upset, for something in no way her fault.

I held her close to me and…

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