The Classroom Incident that Isn’t Seen as Child Abuse but Actually Is

Topical Teaching


I’m sick of reading multiple stories every year about teachers who react to talkative students by taping up their mouths.

Whilst this is almost invariably dismissed as a passive act where the teacher is demonstrating an important lesson in a unorthodox manner, there is absolutely nothing passive about it. Actually, it is a very violent act! Taping up mouths is the stuff of kidnappers and bank robbers. There is nothing instructive or lighthearted about it.

I would go so far as to say that is akin to getting slapped on the face, but actually it is worse. Firstly, a slap on the face is over in a second whilst a child with their mouth taped shut usually has to wear it for a while. And secondly, nobody laughs when a child gets smacked, but chances are, the taping of a child’s mouth is likely to get at least mild snickers…

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