Too much social media time – increases anxiety & affects mood….

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

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Our mood system is ordinarily very robust, for the most part we deal with knock backs and obstacles within a relatively short period of upset. Whether it’s an argument with a partner or family member, the car breaking down or something tragic we see on the news; we experience upset or annoyance but ordinarily our mood bounces back and is naturally restored before too long.

However, when we are struggling with low mood or anxious we are more vulnerable to external factors having an impact upon us. When the resilience of our mood system is reduced there is less of a ‘rebound’ back to a balanced mood. So it stands to reason that we are then more susceptible to prolonged low moods and the influence of negative events.

Is Modern Media Affecting Your Mood?

For example, when we watch the news we…

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