“It’s a Girl” 2012 Documentary

The Beautiful Kingdom Warriors

This powerful documentary looks at the rampant existence of gendercide in India and China, two examples of patriarchal cultures that have devalued women for centuries to the point where all forms of abuse of girls and women is normal and goes on without repurcussions.  In fact, the only families that face negative repercussions within these societies are those that value their daughters.

Here are some summaries from the last ten minutes of the film:

Reggie Littlejohn, President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers: “Son preference comes from cultures that devalue women.  They feel that women are just not as good as men.  And women that have been beat down by these cultures, and they’ve been beat down for thousands of years, can’t always stand up for themselves.  And that’s why women who come from cultures that value women, where women are equal, we need to stand up for our sisters.  Because they cannot…

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