Hana Alemu: We Will Not Forget

elle cuardaigh

I wrote this post last November:


If you do not know Hana’s story, please read that first.

Today, Dawn Betancourt, who was there for the Williams’ trial and visits Hana’s gravesite regularly, posted this to the Remembrance of Hanna Williams group on Facebook:

The lily stems cover a little of the writing, but the year of birth is clearly visible. They really did it. They changed Hana’s age on the gravestone, so it would appear she was sixteen instead of thirteen when she died. Why? Because legally, it’s slightly less abhorrent to slowly torture and starve a sixteen-year-old who is at your mercy than a thirteen-year-old. At least in the state of Washington. In other words, Mr and Mrs Williams have not given up on getting away with murder.

If that is not enough, they flaunt their power over her even now. The inscription reads: “Our daughter, our sister…

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