Beauty and sadness … or today would be an interesting day to be in Amsterdam

Thinking Out Loud ...

I’m not sure if I will ever go back to Amsterdam. On the one hand, I only spent one evening there so I know I missed out on seeing so much, and there was some incredible beauty in what I did see. On the other hand, parts of what I saw and experienced there didn’t really inspire me to return, and the abiding memory I have, the most powerful emotion I experienced that night … was sadness.

Amsterdam Bridge

What did I love about Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a beautiful city with its canals and bicycles and all round friendliness to those who just want to ‘wander.’

Amsterdam Canal

At night the charming historic buildings were beautifully lit, including the royal palace …

Amsterdam Royal Palace

… the train station …

Amsterdam Central Station

… any number of churches …

Amsterdam Westerbrook Church

.. restaurants …

Amsterdam Grasshopper

… and all kinds of other buildings.

Amsterdam buildings

It was winter so there was a public ice rink in…

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