The Whine

The 4th Child

Out of all of the transgressions. Out of all of the rub downs, the punches, the emotional batterings that frequented our lives there is one thing above all else that haunts me the most. David’s whine. It’s been twelve years, and I can still with clarity hear that whine in my head.

Whenever he was engaged in doing things to me that he knew were wrong sometimes I would complain. I would tell him ‘no’ ‘ouch’ or ‘stop’ and he would always respond with a whine. It was never any words. A simple sort of whimpering like a dog. But it was hardly sympathetic. It was a man that had and knew no other response, so he mocked me with this noise. And it would silence me. Above all else this is what I hate him the most for. His whine. Perhaps my resentment toward it stems from the fact…

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