“Locked up” Saudi Princesses’ message for Obama

Women Against Oppression - Liberation Through Islam

‘The cursed ‘king’, kha’in al-haramayn…even treats his own daughters like a tyrant. People like him are devils in human form. Oppressing the believers, allying with the kuffar, polluting the holy lands with his filth. And it’s not shameful that Obama meets him. It’s shameful that he meets Obama!’ -Uthman Badar

We need to wake up and realise that today, there is no place in the world where women’s rights are secured. Not here in Britain under a secular, democratic state, where things like domestic violence and rape are on the rise, nor in Afghanistan, Pakistan, or India where we have heard of the horrifc gang rapes, honour killings and unforgettable acid attacks on our beloved sisters..This particular case in Saudi Arabia, a country often seen as being representative of an Islamic state, BUT in reality it is a patriarchal society, an oppressive monarchy based on pre Islamic Arab traditions and…

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