Fame and Fortune do not equal Worth


In the western world many of us are obsessed with attaining either fame or fortune, or both. We strive to accumulate laurels and status. We carefully track our balance sheets and 401k’s. We follow the lives of people such as the Kardashians or Paris Hilton, famous only for being famous. Whether in reality or vicariously, we seek to emulate their lives. We envy the wealth of Donald Trump.

Young girls strive to achieve the image of a Hannah Montana, often encouraged by adoring, indulgent parents. Boys ape the behavior and swagger of their favorite rapper or sports hero. Adults purchase the magazines reporting the lives of the rich and famous or the products that will impress others.

Yes, we are consumed with fame and fortune.

Yet, these things in and of themselves seldom lead to true joy in life. Often the impact is just the opposite of what we seek…

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