Open Discussion: Child Abuse and Abandonment Issues For Adult Life


We do not have to live with abandonment issues for the rest our lives. The key to overcoming this issue is to first admit that you have it, and then take steps to diffuse it.
For more information on abandonment issues related to Child Abuse click on these 2 links.

My story:
In the early 2000’s I looked up abandonment issues for a friend of mine. Her father disowned her before birth and her mother died as a teenager. She couldn’t hold on to any relationships and never go along with anybody. She also had maladaptive daydreamin. Her daydreams consisted of permanent friends and family in her mind that would always be there and never leave. Plus she was a celebrity in her fantasies so everyone loved her. Again. These were daydreams.

While I was going through her issue and reading on abandonment it started to sound more…

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