The Gladius and the Cross


The Gladius

For Christmas last year, my eldest son gave me a realistic replica of a Roman Gladius. He made these replicas for the company he worked for. It is a gift I cherish because 1) he made it and 2) what this weapon represents.

For those who are not familiar with the gladius, it was the primary weapon of the Roman foot soldier used to conquer the known world. It was in use for nearly 800 years. The gladius was used to squash Jewish riots in the Holy land. The power of the gladius would not have been possible without the training and discipline of the Roman soldier.

The gladius is a vicious weapon. About 30″ long, made first of iron, then of steel, the Roman used this weapon in what is known as the Roman Square. Soldiers fought as a unit, shoulder to shoulder in tight formation. At…

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