Beyond the Flannel Board: Teaching the Story, Learning the Lesson


Remember learning Bible stories as a youngster? Such wonderful, amazing stories. Adam and Eve in the Garden. Noah and the Ark. Sampson and Delilah. David and Goliath. Daniel in the Lion’s Den. The Nativity story found in Luke. They stick with us. Who does not know about Jonah and the Whale?

Unfortunately, for many these are just Bible stories. Certainly, they shape our faith and our understanding of God (as in the Trinity). But far too often we’ve not learned how these events (they are history, after all) impact our lives today. We teach the story, but we don’t teach the lesson in that personal way that has such a tremendous impact on our lives today. Although we view them differently, these events, taught through Bible stories, are like a lot of children’s literature. There’s lots of entertainment, but little guidance for living.

As Sunday School teachers, parents and grandparents…

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