Motorcycle/Camry Accident and the ICU: Part 2

Motorcycle/Camry Accident and the ICU: Part 2

Last week I described the time I witnessed seeing a motorcycle rear ended by a car.

Although I was at the scene of the accident from beginning to end, I somehow missed seeing if the patient was placed in the life flight helicopter or in the ambulance. Did he die and; therefore, not need the helicopter?

When the fire truck, which had been blocking the road, pulled away I was able to continue on in the left land. I attempted to drive away but found I was extremely emotionally distraught and not ready to safely operate my van. I pulled over at the next intersection in a gas station parking lot.

“Why,” I asked, “Why is this so profoundly disturbing me?

All these thoughts went through my mind:

  • He’s human just like me.
  • He was created by the Creator and his life has…

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