No Fancy Title- Just End Human Trafficking


Frau M , busybody that she is, was the first to spot her through the window at the McDonalds playland- a 16-20 year old girl with heavy make-up smeared by tears.  Our mom radar went into the red as we surveyed the gold-chained, heavily tattooed man seated across from her, easily twice her age decked out in all the latest finery.  We, three moms with eleven kids between us, tried to read the signs. Was he allowing her to move about freely?  Did she seem anxious or fearful?  Was she in poor health?   Was this young woman being groomed or used by this man and if she was, most importantly, what could we do?

Listen up people. Slavery is happening.  Open your eyes and look around traffickingbecause it could be taking place in the booth right next to you.

Children overseas are sold or kidnapped from their homes.  They are…

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