A broken heart

From chaos to Grace...

Spawn of Satan

Devil Child




Can’t wait til you’re gone.

Hearing these all of your life, knowing this is what people that are supposed to love you think about you, how would anyone think differently of themselves?  Always being left out.  Everyone around you looking down on you, waiting for every mess-up, pointing out every flaw about you to you…..and everyone else around you.  Everyone knows your deepest secrets.  Everyone knows your deepest shames.  And if it wasn’t bad enough as it happened, then it’s exaggerated to make it a better story, to the point of complete fabrications.

No one could survive this constant torture.  No one should.  Emotional abuse and torture may not leave marks on your skin, may not leave scars on your physical body,

but it deeply marks and scars your soul.

When you live in such constant torture emotionally, when you actually…

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