Saving Homes and Holy Lemonade

It's Just Life

Ever wonder why I take blogging so seriously?   At times it appears to have become a full time job with little pay but you know what?   It is all about connecting with people and the relationships that we build with one another.

Stay with me on this one–it is kind of complicated.  I have followed Rara’s blog Rarasaur for quite awhile.  Rara is an amazing lady who is very compassionate and loving and caring and all those things that I like to embrace in my own life.  She sponsored the NaNo  Poblano challenge in November that I joined and she in a word is amazing.  Another blogger, Zoe, who blogs over at Behind the Mask of Abuse also follows Rara and has a friend, Merry, who blogs at Knocked Over By a Feather.  Are you still with me???  Rara told Zoe about my blog and this…

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