LABoraTORY PAEDOPHILIA: Part Two – why the Opposition has nothing much to say on the subject

The Slog

harmpieFearless paedo-fighter Harriet Harman

In the Mirrorlast night: ‘Harriet Harman tonight angrily denied “horrible and untrue” claims she worked for a group that had links to paedophile rights campaigners. The Labour deputy leader broke her silence to say she was the victim of a “politically-motivated smear campaign” by the Daily Mail and had “done nothing wrong”….’

On the BBC last night: ‘Appearing on BBC Two’s Newsnight programme on Monday, she repeatedly sidestepped questions about whether it had been a mistake to allow the Paedophile Information Exchange to be affiliated to the civil liberties group.’ (This is the BBC, by the way, that according to Grant Shapps is a sinbin of loony-Leftism).

Perhaps Hatttie then gave that position the overnight thing.

In the Guardian earlier today: ‘Harriet Harman ‘regrets’ former employer’s link to paedophile lobbyists…Less than 12 hours after the Labour party’s deputy leader told BBC’s Newsnight that she was…

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