Guest Post by Alienora Taylor: Vulgar, Viz-loving and voluptuous!

Richard M. Ankers

This is a post from my friend and fellow blogger Alienora Taylor. Ali is a superb writer who always speaks her mind, usually with hilarious consequences. I use her knowledge of the spoken word as a benchmark for my own. Please check out her site by clicking on the link in her name. Thank you.

Vulgar, Viz-loving and voluptuous!

Well, that’s two out of three! For ‘voluptuous’, I think you have to read, ‘voluminous’! I am, to the female figure what the marquee (designed to hold several hundred!) is to the one-man tent!

But, from the days when I was scrote high to a pixie, I have been the epitome of the vulgar, the crude, the base and the four-letter.

Limericks had me giggling from primary school onwards – and really RUDE ones caused weaknesses in bladder function on many an occasion.

Anything which contained genitals, bodily functions and…

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