Alexander Gartshore Murdered 11 Year Old Moira Anderson


The big question in my mind is why didn’t Sandra Brown, Alexander Gartshore’s daughter, not raise her concerns while her father was still alive?

This women suspected 20 years ago that her father was a paedophile who murdered Moira Anderson and yet she did not go to the police.

So, what did she do ?

She waited until her father died in 2006 and then published a book accusing him of the murder.

And yet this women has been feted as a campaigner ?

Prosecutors believe a convicted child abuser who died in 2006 was responsible for the murder of schoolgirl Moira Anderson in Lanarkshire in 1957.

The 11-year-old was last seen on a bus to Coatbridge, which was driven by Alexander Gartshore.

Following an investigation by its cold case unit and new witnesses coming forward, the Crown Office has now said it would have prosecuted Gartshore.

Moira was last seen on 23…

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1 Response to Alexander Gartshore Murdered 11 Year Old Moira Anderson

  1. Fud says:

    Alexander Gartshore was the prime suspect in this case in 1957. The Police questioned him in 1957 and they did not have sufficient evidence to indict him for murder. Gartshore was the Number One suspect from the start but there was insufficient evidence to charge him. The Police and the entire population of Coatbridge and Carnbroe thought Alexander Gartshore was responsible for Moira’s disappearance. Which is probably why he left the area once he got out of jail for the raping a 12 year old babysitter.
    Gartshore was a slippery paedophile who toyed with Police and thought he could get away with his crimes. Eighteen months after Moira disappeared Alexander Gartshore was jailed for raping a 12 year old baysitter. He admitted to Police that he was the last person ever to see Moira.
    He was even re-arrested in 1993 in connection with little Moira’s disappearance and charges were again dropped due to insufficient evidence. That was 36 years after Moira disappeared. The cops still had their eye on him.
    The Police thought it was him for fifty years. The Police couldn’t gather enough evidence to make it stick.
    Yesterday the Crown Office ruled that Gartshore “would likely” have been indicted for the murder today had he not died in 2006 and there would have been “a reasonable prospect” of a conviction if he were ever tried.
    Do not blame Gartshore’s abused daughter just because she thought it was him as well. Alexander Gartshore abused her and her cousins when they were little. She didn’t have enough evidence that he killed Moira and neither did the Police – and they’d been trying for half a century to nail him.

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